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Cincinnati, Ohio, April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/

The Laser and Regenerative Center, a Cincinnati based holistic wellness center is kicking off their efforts in support of the 2017 Flying Pig Marathon.

The participation in the P&G Health and Fitness Expo in support of the Flying Pig Marathon is a natural fit for the Laser and Regenerative Center.  The Laser and Regenerative Center has a well-established reputation for the latest regenerative treatments delivered by the only double-board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician in the Tri-State who is exceptionally qualified to treat runners with their pretreatment and recovery.

Commenting on the decision to partner in the Health and Fitness Fair, Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb Chief Medical Officer and Owner, Laser and Regenerative Center and Pain Specialists of Cincinnati said: “by offering three specific therapies that have been proven to help athletes heal and recover faster (Mulitwave Locked System Laser, Platelet Rich Plasma injections, and LIPOGEMS® lipoaspirate regenerative medicine treatments) the Laser and Regenerative Center is uniquely positioned to help runners recover faster and treat any injuries sustained before or after the race. The whole team is excited about serving these athletes.”

Shawn Grubb Chief Executive Officer, L&R said: "This is an exciting kick-off that demonstrates that The Laser and Regenerative Center is committed to helping the Tri-State Athletes become the best version of themselves, as well as showcasing the three preventative and restorative therapies that can speed the recovery post-race.  It further demonstrates the commitment and enthusiasm of the whole team to deliver exceptional products, therapies, and service to all their customers."

About the Laser and Regenerative Center


The Laser and Regenerative Center is the future of regenerative medicine, featuring the newest lasers The market offers in addition to nutritional and hormonal care.


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