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We can battle COVID-19 - Want To Know More?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

By Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb

We at the Laser and Regenerative Center and Pain Specialists of Cincinnati believe in the power of preventative care and treating the whole person. Pain and stress can affect the immune system. That's why we would like to make your immune system health a priority of ours. We can do this by providing patients with access to a variety of nutritional supplements and peptide therapies like Thymosin Alpha-1 and other biologics.

What is Thymosin Alpha-1? Many physicians have found Thymosin Alpha-1 to be an effective tool used to support the immune system, promote general wellness, and prevent infection. Be sure to ask us about these and other ways we can battle COVID-19 together and keep you feeling your best!

Call us at 513-922-2201 or email for more info or to set up an appointment.

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