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A Novel Approach to the Coronavirus

By now, you have already heard from multiple sources about all the commonsense things you should be doing to protect yourself from COVID-19.

• Wash your hands with soap and water often

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, with unwashed hands

• Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

• Exercise social distancing and avoid those who are sick

• Stay home unless you’re buying groceries or going to the doctor.

• Clean and disinfect touched surfaces often.

But what you may not be hearing nearly enough is just how important it is for you to be laser-focused on optimizing your immune system and building bulletproof health.

In fact, your BEST line of defense IS your health.

This includes getting plenty of sleep, focusing on good quality nutrition, continuing to exercise regularly at home, and paying attention to mindset and stress mitigation.

And I want you to have the inside track on one of the most cutting-edge ways to optimize your immune system (and feel downright limitless while you’re doing it).

One word…


Peptides are amazing signaling molecules that have very specific functions with minimal if any, downside.

Certain peptides are phenomenal for boosting your immune system, which is CRITICAL right now. Thymosin alpha, Thymosin beta, Pentosan polyphosphate, and Selank are just a few of the peptides that can be customized to YOUR unique needs and build an impenetrable immune system.

Trust me when I tell you, peptides are the future of optimized health and healing!

We must become far MORE heedful than ever.

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